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WHO. . .

The Greater Community

Designated the Deltona Arts & Performance Center, this community landmark serves not only Deltona, but the greater metro area for many miles in every direction, including the affluent Seminole County residents of Lake Mary and Heathrow. Lloyd Marcus, d-PAC president, works with a "dream team" of creative professionals focussed on helping bring this venue to the community. BACK

WHAT. . .

Landmark Game Changer

The facility is a 3-story landmark venue with multi-use capabilities, flexible capacity, and the ONLY performing arts center with free at grade on-site parking directly adjacent to a major throroughfare. Hospitaliy accommodations include a hotel, restaurant and waterside park perfect for outdoor events and ecotourism. Learn more about our cultural center. BACK

WHEN. . .

Immediately. Now. Today.

Provide input TODAY, write letters TODAY, send emails TODAY, social media share TODAY. City support and project, plans, and permit approvals improve with your participation. BACK

WHERE. . .

Location. Location. Location.

Conveniently located in a high high visibility, local and regional traffic area at 1-4 & Saxon Blvd. with ample free parking for a guaranteed formula for success. Check out the site plan... BACK

WHY. . .

Entertain. Educate. .

As the largest city in Volusia County, the community of Deltona is long overdue for not only a viable central downtown area, but also a cultural center in the form of a landmark multipurpose facility that can answer the needs of the greater community in regard to diverse social and cultural aspects, as well as arts entertainment and education. For many years, an attempt was made to answer this need with the Deltona Arts Center at 682 Deltona Blvd, a repurposed residence with very minimal parking and a capacity of only 49 people... with parking for half as many! A look at similar sized communities in any direction reveals that this need has been answered in ways that do not have the challenges to overcome that the Deltona community facility faced from the outset. Even so, quite a bit was accomplished. Clearly, the building that houses the history, art, and events is not a viable facility to service a community the size of Deltona.

A much larger, vastly more functional facility has long since been proposed and as the concept bogged down here and there, the community got disenchanted and even disgruntled with what did not seem to be happening. Projects of this scope take time to evolve and come to fruition, especially when they are NOT FUNDED. A completely volunteer staff has limitations. But in Deltona, there are those who do have a passion for the Arts and understand the critical role of art in society... in our community. Organized and led by the Deltona Arts Center president, Lloyd Marcus, a dream team of professionals has come together to take their second wind and breathe new life into the community, and is proposing that it is time for the Deltona Arts and Performance Center with waterside native park. This landmark facility is truly a "gift for all or an opportunity lost." BACK

HOW. . .

Communicate. Collaborate. Participate.

Rally Support. Advertise & Promote Your Support. Create a focus group. Provide input (submit your ideas here, and inform the City of your interest), write letters TODAY, send emails TODAY, social media share TODAY. Remeber there is strength in numbers. Take part in the "Stay Centered" BLOG (coming soon). BACK