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More Than A highly Visible Architectural Gem

It is to be...

A LANDMARK FACILITY of Volusia County's fastest growing and largest city that extends beyond the  walls of the state-of-the-art Italian Renaissance styled building and into the City of Deltona and the greater community of the region filling much needed voids and enhancing quality of life with a 900 seat opera hall, small convention facility, upscale banquet hall, world-class art gallery, indoor-outdoor event facilities,  and accommodations for hospitality and dining... all in one well appointed location.

A CULTURAL CENTER  to house events and exhibitions ... international, national and local... both classic and modern... status quo and avante garde...  that reflects the striking diversity that is the City of Deltona and it's people in a close to home venue.

A NEW IDENTITY changing the 40-year old perception as a "bedroom community" to that of a healthy climate for business and tourism, and prosperous  progressive DESTINATION ripe for cultural, technological, recreational, educational opportunities... a source of community camaraderie and pride.

A CREATIVE INCUBATOR and safe haven for young minds and old souls, public and private sectors, artists or patrons, to broaden cultural horizons and inspire creative minds... to perform, exhibit, develop, create, collaborate and participate.